The Awakening

The Awakening sculpture is a five piece cast iron sculpture depicting the arousing of a bearded giant with a head, hand, outstretched arm, bent knee and foot arranged to suggest that the giant is breaking free from the earth.  The sculpture was designed by  J. Seward Johnson Jr. and was originally part of a city-wide public art exhibition in 1980 in Washington DC.  Since it’s original installation at Hains Point, near the Jefferson Memorial, the sculpture had been on loan to the National Park Service.


The developer of National Harbor, the Peterson Companies, purchased the sculpture and moved it to National Harbor on February 20, 2008, to serve as the center piece of the new property that opened later that year.  Today, the Awakening beckons thousands of visitors to his beach front home along the Potomac River to enjoy fun in the sand soaking up  the sun on a relaxing day at the harbor.