Something for everyone: you’ve heard those words before. But in the case of National Harbor, we’re proud to say they ring 100% true. With a delightfully diverse blend of more than 40 retailers, we’ve got a retail experience for every kind of shopper—from the major label brand-stander, to the arty do-gooder, to the funky boutique thrill-seeker, and beyond. And best of all? It’s all perched right on the sparkling Potomac. So every time you exit a store, you’re entering our most enticing attraction: that one-of-a-kind waterfront ambiance.


Few things are more relaxing than a riverside meal—fresh air stimulates the appetite, settles the mind and smoothes worries away. At National Harbor, something as simple as a sandwich seems downright decadent; a bona fide sit-down meal feels like easy, breezy paradise. No matter what first brought you here, we’ve got more than 30 sumptuous reasons to linger. We invite you to spend an extra hour or two with salt on the rim, something sweet or savory on your tongue, and a smile in your heart.

Things To Do

National Harbor is not so much a destination as it is an experience—and we’re committed to providing you with a never-ending variety of ways to immerse yourself in the sights, scents and sounds of our unique waterfront world. From fresh artisan cheese to cinema al fresco to family-friendly fun, National Harbor is your place to play. Come on a whim; stay for the day. We’re right on the water…yet a world away.

National Harbor Marina

350 acres of premium Potomac shoreline—at National Harbor, it’s yours for the taking. Sure, there will be those among you who are content to let a riverside stroll or a drink on the patio fill your figurative sails. But if you’re hungering for something a little closer to total immersion, our full-service Marina offers a surprising variety of ways to “wet your appetite” on the water.


More than 70 enticing shops and restaurants, right on the river. Views of downtown D.C. and Old Town Alexandria. A new perspective on national history. These are all qualities that encourage an overnight stay—and National Harbor is more than happy to oblige. Six on-site hotels offer a range of accommodations and rates—each within easy walking distance of our signature waterfront wonders.

Our Troops

You’ve dedicated your life to serving your country. So when you get some time with your family, National Harbor is standing by to serve YOU. With an amazing arsenal of shops, restaurants and kid-friendly attractions year round—it’s the natural choice for your next tour.

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