The developers of National Harbor bring the experience and expertise of development and construction of many urban centers throughout the metropolitan area. We are aware of the sensitivities working in and around the communities that ultimately become our neighbors. And we realize that the best way to have a good neighborhood is to be a good neighbor – from the start.

Development and construction involves a lot of work – hard work that can at times be noisy. We have learned that it is important to “minimize and manage noise in order to make the construction process as comfortable as possible for neighbors of our planned development”. All developers and builders will be asked to prepare individual project-specific Construction Noise Attenuation Plans (NAPs) aimed at reducing individual and collective noise due to various activities throughout the construction and development process.

As the project evolves, we will post information on this page alerting the public to specific construction activities that may create particularly noticeable noise or noise for prolonged periods of time. This will help the public understand what activities are causing the noise and approximately when they may expect that phase to be completed.

At this time, the following construction activities with unusual or prolonged noise are scheduled:

For Noise inquiries about the National Harbor project, you may also email or call us at the following:



We will review your concern and make sure you are contacted to discuss and resolve the matter as soon as possible.